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    Despite a temporary ceasefire deal announced Thursday by the U.S. and Turkey, war monitor groups say the fighting continues. Turkey's president, however, denies there are ongoing clashes. What happens in the coming days is an open question. Here's a look at what the deal means for some of the key players in the conflict.

  2. Mexican soldiers

    Mexican security forces aborted an attempt to capture a son of imprisoned drug lord Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman after finding themselves outgunned in a ferocious shootout with cartel henchmen that left at least eight people dead and more than 20 wounded, authorities said Friday.

  3. 1176485867

    Two war monitor groups reported fighting in Syrian villages Friday, a day after Turkey agreed with the United States to pause its offensive for five days to let Kurdish forces withdraw. But Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has denied any ongoing clashes in northeastern Syria.

  4. The Mezhyhirya estate in Kyiv, Ukraine

    Anti-corruption leaders in Ukraine — including some associated with the ongoing Trump impeachment drama — say they feel a sense of shock and dismay at how the U.S. has turned their backs on them.


    Tens of thousands of angry protesters blocked roads, burned tires and marched across Lebanon on Friday for a second day, demanding the removal of a political elite they accuse of looting the economy to the point of breakdown.